Cluster Fucked

First produced at the 2018 Toronto Fringe Festival, Cluster Fucked is a fast-paced, angry, hilarious and unnerving romp exploring, juggling and juxtaposing many aspects of the industrial processes of surveillance by which we are known, categorized, valued, bought, sold, and done to.

According to Randy McDonald (, “Cluster Fucked [is] a highly original piece of theatre that does a brilliant job of presenting to its audience a critical perspective of the world of Big Data. The smart, funny and very understandable script of David John Phillips is given life by an energetic cast, becoming a show that instructs and delights. Cluster Fucked should not be missed by audiences interested in the powers behind our technological world, and by theatregoers interested in new style of drama done well. Cluster Fucked delights.”

Cluster Fucked: An interview with the producer