Film and TV

Murder Wall
Det. Mike Thomas (Principal)
Our House Media/ Robert Wilson
American Grace
Multhorpe Dunham (Supporting)
AngelHeart/ Manee Osman
Father of the Bride (Supporting)
Daylight on Mars/ Pavan Moondi
Diamond Tongues
Derek Neville (Principal)
Daylight on Mars/ Pavan Moondi and Brian Robertson
*Official Selection Slamdance 2015
Health Class
Keith (Lead)
Collective Friction/Brad McDermott
*(official selection Frameline SF LGBT Film Fest 2015)
Dim the Fluorescents
Harold (Principal)
Clumsy Ophelia/Daniel Warth
*(official selection Slamdance 2017)
Almost Adults
Dr. Reese (Principal)
Almost Adults/Sarah Rotella
*(official selection Inside Out 2016)
Delta Venus
Dad (Principal)
Someplace Nice/Sofia Banzhof
The Long Night
Howard Green (Supporting)
BreenG Films/Gregory Breen
James (Lead)
Dissonance Productions/Stephen Chen
Polonius (Principal)
Shakespeare at Play/Tim Chisolm
Kiss Me All Night (music video)
Older Male (Lead)
Part and Parcel/Sophia Peer
Tree (Actor)
GreyZone/John Greyson
Cancer Can’t Dance Like This
Oncologist (Principal)
Riverlife for Bravo!FACT/Ryan Kyriacopou